Monday, November 30, 2009

Toddler Talk

I know it is December and we already decorated for Christmas so this picture is a little late but I promised to show you the end result of our pumpkin engraving. The "lamb family" pumpkin turned out pretty good. But the "welcome" sadly never made it. Can't wait to do this again next fall.

This main point of this post is inspired by my friend Kyra as she wrote about her triplets toddler words a couple weeks back.

Abbey has been growing so fast. I am most aware of this fact when she repeats what I say or communicates what she whats whether I like it or not. I could never understand toddler talk before becoming a mom but I now find myself translating Abbey's words for others. I thought I would try to translate for you some of the cutest and funnest of her "words".

  • airpain...airplane
  • sh*t...shirt
  • cera...cereal
  • T.D....TV
  • gagee...chair
  • wawa...water
  • ribbit...frog
  • ca
  • blue blue...blueberries
  • nanananana (tongue in and out)...banana
  • chow chow... food
Abbey doesn't stop moving from the time she wakes up, she has energy and spunk, and a day doesn't go by that we don't laugh a lot together.

These are the staff kids playing ring-around-the-rosie at the staff conference last week. They played together every moment they could: hiding in the curtains, running up and down the halls, and chasing each other until they dropped exhausted into bed.

This is Abbey eating a cupcake and sitting next to her buddy Logan (right) at Kate's (left) 2nd bitrthday party.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I apologize for my absence

I can't believe it have been 2 months sense my last post. So many times I have had fun things I wanted to share but I have had some distractions. First my parents came to visit and we soaked up every minute with them. (We miss you mom and dad) But then school started the day they left and our lives are crazy those first five weeks. But the biggest hindrance has been falling asleep on the coach at 9pm and the relentless nausea very night that starts at 5pm that incapacitates me. I am being a little dramatic but you might be wondering what is going on. Well, some of you moms probably guessed it (or you already know), Yes we are pregnant again!! We couldn't be more excited for baby lamb #2. He or she is due May 6th!
This is our little lamb baby. Sorry this picture is so small. The doctor says everything is going well and we are both healthy. Praise God! Sadly I am not aloud to run during my pregnancy but Abbey and I have been walking a lot. Well, maybe this post will get me on a role again because I hope to share some of our fall adventurers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Love This Guy

A couple days a couple I was feeling pretty humbled. I am reading this book Stepping Heavenward and it is rocking my world. It makes me want to be a better wife and mother and love Jesus more. Hence the humbling after a long day in 100 degree heat and trying to get Abbey to nap for 3 hours and me not reacting the way I want to toward anyone. So, since Abbey was determined not to sleep we had to get out of the house. And when we got home Kevin, my amazing husband had made us dinner. It was a gourmet meal: mac and cheese, corn for the can and pot stickers. He pan fried the pot stickers so he went all out. All joking aside I was so thankful. And besides dinner we had left me a surprise: my favorite ice cream (Ben and Jerry's coffee with health bar), my favorite wine, my favorite candy (Toblerone) and a chick flick, all with little love notes. What a guy! Right?!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Berries, Pumpkins and a Pool Party

Today we did something that I am so excited about. We went to your usually berry patch and while we did pick some berries and eat a lot more, we craved pumpkins! Not the Halloween craving with mushy squishy insides and seeds. We went into the pumpkin patch while they were still green and craved a personal message in them. So as they grow and ripen our message scares the pumpkin and it comes out looking so cool. I've seen this in fancy antique stores around here in the years past and was in love. So I am so excited to see how our personal pumpkins turned out. One says "Welcome" and it will sit at our front door to greet all our visitors. And our other pumpkin says "Lamb family". I will post the finally results in October.

After that wonderful outing we joined some really good friends for dinner and a pool party. Well, it was more of a pool party for the girls. Wow if that was Friday evening, what does the weekend hold?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I say yes to CSA

Ever since I started doing weekly meal plans thanks to Adrienne we eat out less, waste less food and eat better. I have been wanting to join the Cal Poly Organic Farm CSA for years. Every week you get a box of fresh beautiful organic vegetables. Now that Abbey is older see loves farm animals so the weekly trek to the the farm is now an invited treat instead of an annoyance.
This was our first week and we received this abundance of gorgeous veggies: tomatoes, blue potatoes, eggplant, basil and more (except those peaches- they snuck in the picture). See those cherry tomatoes in the front. They were from the up-pick section at the farm for free! Free and delicious, i couldn't pick them fast enough for Abbey to eat and it was so fun. Besides the fun with Abbey on the fun we joined this CSA because it is organic, in our price range and we will be eating local. If you want to find a CSA near you can go to

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family on the Go

It has been too long since I last posted. Since San Diego we went home to SLO for a couple days then back in the car to Tucson where we survived the 110 degree heat but had a great time with friends and family. Then to Prescott to visit Kevin's family. Next to Telluride, CO where we marveled at God's creation in this gorgeous mountain mining ski town and after this mini vaction we headed to Ft. Collin Co for our national staff conference. Now we are home and oh is it good to be home. I'll post some pictures from our visits tomorrow but for now eher are some pictures of Abbey adoring our boss's baby kitten.

Following the kitten at all costs :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Beach Day

On our day off we headed to the beach and had fun as a family. I must be crazy cause I am actually posted pictures of me in a bathing suit. Brave I know with those bad tan lines. But I just love this picture of Abbey and I: holding my hand and with the other dragging her wagon. She has been going through this phase where she has to hold our hand where ever she goes. I just love this phase. Please don't let it end.
Fun in the sand.

Kevin sufing.

Playing in the water with Kevin.

Abbey tasting the salt water. yuck. But she kept going back for more.

This smile sums up our day. FUN in the Sun

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elephants are scary

We are in San Diego. Actually we have been here for a week and a half. We are living in the Univeristy of San Diego dorms with 2 other familys, a couple others staff members and 19 students from Campus Crusade. It has been a fun but busy time. Abbey has LOVED having 4 friends to play with just one door away. It does get a little crazy with 5 kids running around in a little hallway so to burn off more energy we went to the world famous San Diego zoo. This zoo is huge so we only had time to walk to the elephants and the mini petting zoo.

Abbey's reaction to the Elephants was quit unexcepted but so cute. She won't even look at them she was so scared. She would turn her head away and cover her eyes. No crying or wining just quietly hiding from the elephants.

Monday, June 22, 2009

DAD: Happy Father's Day!

Everyday I think that I am so blessed to have you as my dad.
I love you dad and miss you a lot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

balloons and fun

We had our final weekly meeting where we through a party for the graduating seniors. So, I gathered up as many balloons as a could from the party and brought them home for Abbey. She goes crazy in trader joes cause she knows she will get one balloon so we couldn't wait to see her reaction to dozons of them. Needless to say she was in awe. So fun!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

makeup baby

One of my favorite pictures of my brother as a kid is of him covered in my mom's mascara. Now I have pictures of my own wild child who discovered my mascara.

And here she got into my cover up...

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Berry Fun Day

The other day Misty, Emma, Abbey, and I went to a local U-pick strawberry patch. Of course my friend Misty had strawberry outfits for the girls. Above is Abbey showing off her cute hat for us. And below is her friend Emma, clearly they are good friends.

A little play time before we go...

And then strawberry picking and eating begins.

Abbey is crazy for berries so she wasn't into the photo shot that Misty and I were trying to have. She just wanted to eat!!

At times I wasn't picking them fast enough for her so she would pick one herself and eat the stem and all.
I think she ate her body weight in strawberries that afternoon along with a quite a bit of dirt. Luckily it was an organic farm so we didn't have to worry about pesticides. We can't wait to go again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and Abbey's Dedication

It has been awhile since I last posted because i have been sick and things have been busy but I couldn't help myself after such a good Mothers Day. The morning started off with a hand made note from Abbey wishing me a Happy Mother's day and a gift from Kevin. Actually it was my second gift. Early this week a box of fancy chocolates came in the mail which we polished off in 2 days. and that was with "self control". Yikes! But that morning the Martha Steward Encyclopedia of Crafts was on the dining table! Hundreds of pages of beautiful crafts. I thought he had forgotten but of course he remember and I left very loved. Thank you Kevin!

Then we were off to church where Abbey was dedicated. It was a sweet moment as our church family prayed for her and we committed to raising her in the love of Christ. I couldn't believe Abbey let Pastor Ron hold her. But half way through the prayer she leaned over for me to hold her and she said "Ma Ma" into the mic in her super cute voice. At that moment I was in heaven, felt so proud and thankful to be a mother.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Open House Weekend

This past weekend was open house at Cal Poly. This is where all the potential and future Cal Poly students come and check out the campus with their parents. Saturday is a carnival of clubs on campus; the ag club has a axe throwing contests, the chem club sells their homemade ice cream, the ethnic interest clubs sell their delicious native foods, the salsa and swing dance clubs are dancing all over and there's prizes and music and free stuff. It's like I said, a carnival. So, we headed over with Abbey to hang out at our booth and she had a blast with her "friends" and dancing to the live music. And we enjoyed eating BBQ ribs and Korean BBQ chicken. YUM!!

Here is Abbey with pigtails for the first time. She wouldn't keep them in till recently. SO CUTE!!

And this is Abbey and Mikela dancing to the Crusade worship band. They were been so cute. One would laugh then the other would laugh, one would chase the other and vice versa, one would dance and then the other would copy her moves. It was a good day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jesus is Alive

Yesterday was wonderful! We celebrated Jesus' resurrection proving that we can KNOW and HAVE eternal life in Him. I hadn't planned on doing any traditional Easter things like dying eggs or hiding Easter baskets because Abbey is so young. But at our neighborhood party they had a Easter egg hunt for the kids and Abbey had a blast. We couldn't believe how fast she caught on to putting the eggs in the basket. Even today she keep putting the Easter eggs in her basket and then handing me the eggs to be opened to get the hidden treasure, which was just random toys that I would stick in there.

Seriously, isn't she just the cutest!!