Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two Already

Our little girl is 2 years old now. These last two years have gone by so fast and I can't imagine life without Abbey in it. She has been a truly a blessing to us.
Above is Abbey patiently waiting to blow out the candle and eat the frostly off the cupcake. This picture also shows off her annual birthday shirt. This year I decided to use buttons. And she loved it. She walked around all day saying "birthday shirt" and playing with the buttons.
Emma and Abbey playing with the party favors. I might have gone a little crazy buying fun favors since only three kids were at the party.
All the kids joined in to help open the presents.

Abbey you are full of life and energy. You think everything is funny so you bring so much laughter in our house. When people meet you they always comment on the joy you have and how beautiful your red hair is. You don't like to play by yourself, you are a true extrovert. You are tough, it has to be a pretty good fall for you to cry. But you have a tender heart, you give hearts and kisses generously. Right now you like Sesame Street, Veggie tales, reading books (especially Curious George) and going to the park. Your favorite foods are pot stickers, mac and cheese with broccoli, toast, gnocchi, oranges and of course any sort of treats. You would rather play in the dirt than play with dolls. We love you so very much Abbey and we are so thankful to live everyday with you.

Monday, January 18, 2010

East Coast Christmas

After Hawaii we made our way to the other side of the country. First we stopped in Michigan to see my brother Sam graduate Farris State College. We are all so proud of you Sam!
After the graduation we hit the road for the 10 hour drive to Lockport, NY for Christmas with the Marotta family. Every time we go to New York we eat like kings so I wasn't surprised when my doctor said at my prenatal visit this past week I had gain a couple extra pounds. We ate the best buffalo wings (you know Buffalo, NY is where chicken wings where invented), my mom's amazing coffee cake, seafood, prime rib, and authentic Italian bread, meat and cheeses. My parents go all out and now I need to go all out with exercising.

We also did some winter activities with Abbey that was so fun. We went sledding a couple times. Yes that is my brother being crazy in the background.
And we built a huge snowman, as you can see we used all the snow in the yard. Luckily we had two strong men, my dad and Kevin to lift the 100lb body and head .
Abbey was so in love with her snowman that she had to give him hugs and kisses. So cute.
It was a fun to be with family and for Abbey to being with her Uncle and grandparents. Especially since she was in a phase of saying "I love you Papa", "I love you Gaga (grandma)", and "I love you Sa (Sam)". What a sweet kid and what a sweet visit.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hawaii Christmas

We are just getting back to normal around here from all of our traveling during the Christmas break. Our first destination was a wonderful vacation from Kevin's parents and sister to Kauai. It was beautiful, relaxing, and a lot of fun with family. We were in the water everyday, Abbey lived in her bathing suit and her floaty ducky thing.

This is Abbey chasing a wild chicken. They are everywhere on the island of Kauai. It is crazy to be in a parking lot for walmart and see wild chickens crossing your path. But i know what you are thinking (or at least my dad), man that girl has a Olympic runners stride on her. We have Abbey on a strict running schedule everyday to develop that natural speed of hers. Just Kidding. But that girl does love to run.
We went to the north shore one day and tried to go to this secluded natural ocean pool that happens at low tide. It is call Queens Bath. I had heard it was beautiful but dangerous at high tide. After making the mile hike to the ocean we arrive at this sign showing the total deaths in the area; 29! Needless to say we were getting nervous so the women stayed where it was safe as the men (Kevin and his dad) went to check things out. They headed out on this cliff walk with crashing big waves and I was nervous. By the time they returned, 20 minutes later I was not happy because I had started thinking the worst. see picture below (me with angry face and Abbey crying).
After that we headed to some safer waters. This is us with Kevin's sister Denise at the gorgeous north shore.
We did so many fun things...We ate a lot of shaved ice. This is so delicious with macadamia nut ice cream. yum.
We danced!
We played on a hammock in a beautiful place.
We swam with beached sea turtles.
And of course we played on the beach.
Thanks Lamb parents and Denise for an amazing vacation!