Wednesday, April 14, 2010

About to Pop! Is it a Boy or Girl?

I went to the doctor today and she said that the baby could come any day. She said she might see me this weekend! What! That sent Kevin and I into needing to take a couple deep breathes. This baby is definitely coming early and no wonder, look at how big I am.
The last couple weeks Abbey has really taken an interest in the baby. She wants to see the baby and hug the baby and kiss the "baby". Slightly inconvenient when we are out in public when she starts lifting up my shirt. The whole thing is so cute and special. And I am praying she likes the baby as much once he or she is here.
Speaking of he or she, what is your vote on if we are having a boy or girl? Abbey is insisting baby is a girl. "I want a small sister", she says. So there's one vote for girl.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tell Mommy when you have to use the Potty

I am proud to say that our first child is potty trained. I was nervous about the whole thing and definitely had my doubts going into it. But I thought I had to try before this next baby comes. So, I asked the facebook world for any tips and a friend, Amanda from our old Sunday school class in Tucson told me about this 3 day method that she swore by. You throw away all your left over diapers, you use no pull ups, only underwear(even at night and naps, yikes!) and it is all positive reinforcement (no consequences or hinting that you are frustrated). Oh, and you never ask if they have to use the potty. You just keep saying over and over again, "Tell mommy when you have to use the potty" that way they learn when they have to go and to tell you. The whole method made sense to me and I felt more confident. But the first day Abbey went through 30 pairs of underwear and I thought she would never get it and I wanted to give up. But Amanda encouraged me to keep going. So, we were home bound for 3 days drinking lots of juice, putting lots of stickers on the little potty (especially veggie tales stickers), enjoying chocolate covers raisins after any success and singing a made up potty song over and over again. But at the end of 3 days Abbey had no accidents during the day and after 5 days none at night and naps. Complete success!! Great job Abbey!!