Monday, November 30, 2009

Toddler Talk

I know it is December and we already decorated for Christmas so this picture is a little late but I promised to show you the end result of our pumpkin engraving. The "lamb family" pumpkin turned out pretty good. But the "welcome" sadly never made it. Can't wait to do this again next fall.

This main point of this post is inspired by my friend Kyra as she wrote about her triplets toddler words a couple weeks back.

Abbey has been growing so fast. I am most aware of this fact when she repeats what I say or communicates what she whats whether I like it or not. I could never understand toddler talk before becoming a mom but I now find myself translating Abbey's words for others. I thought I would try to translate for you some of the cutest and funnest of her "words".

  • airpain...airplane
  • sh*t...shirt
  • cera...cereal
  • T.D....TV
  • gagee...chair
  • wawa...water
  • ribbit...frog
  • ca
  • blue blue...blueberries
  • nanananana (tongue in and out)...banana
  • chow chow... food
Abbey doesn't stop moving from the time she wakes up, she has energy and spunk, and a day doesn't go by that we don't laugh a lot together.

These are the staff kids playing ring-around-the-rosie at the staff conference last week. They played together every moment they could: hiding in the curtains, running up and down the halls, and chasing each other until they dropped exhausted into bed.

This is Abbey eating a cupcake and sitting next to her buddy Logan (right) at Kate's (left) 2nd bitrthday party.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I apologize for my absence

I can't believe it have been 2 months sense my last post. So many times I have had fun things I wanted to share but I have had some distractions. First my parents came to visit and we soaked up every minute with them. (We miss you mom and dad) But then school started the day they left and our lives are crazy those first five weeks. But the biggest hindrance has been falling asleep on the coach at 9pm and the relentless nausea very night that starts at 5pm that incapacitates me. I am being a little dramatic but you might be wondering what is going on. Well, some of you moms probably guessed it (or you already know), Yes we are pregnant again!! We couldn't be more excited for baby lamb #2. He or she is due May 6th!
This is our little lamb baby. Sorry this picture is so small. The doctor says everything is going well and we are both healthy. Praise God! Sadly I am not aloud to run during my pregnancy but Abbey and I have been walking a lot. Well, maybe this post will get me on a role again because I hope to share some of our fall adventurers.