Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Side of Pismo

The place that we live in is so beautiful and has so many places to discover. Every once and awhile we break out of our routine and explore a new place. Recently we went to the see the Monarch butterflies in Pismo Beach. There is a cluster of Eucalyptus trees that the butterflies come and live for awhile. Fun to see but hard to capture with a picture, hence no picture.
But while we were there we saw a path and Kevin always has to see where a path leads him. And I am so thankful we did because just as be reached the beach we came upon the scene above. It was incredible! And to make it more perfect there was a homemade swing just Abbey's size.
We will definitely be going back but with a picnic this time. And it has inspired us to explore more new places. What adventures have you been on lately?