Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Beach Day

On our day off we headed to the beach and had fun as a family. I must be crazy cause I am actually posted pictures of me in a bathing suit. Brave I know with those bad tan lines. But I just love this picture of Abbey and I: holding my hand and with the other dragging her wagon. She has been going through this phase where she has to hold our hand where ever she goes. I just love this phase. Please don't let it end.
Fun in the sand.

Kevin sufing.

Playing in the water with Kevin.

Abbey tasting the salt water. yuck. But she kept going back for more.

This smile sums up our day. FUN in the Sun

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elephants are scary

We are in San Diego. Actually we have been here for a week and a half. We are living in the Univeristy of San Diego dorms with 2 other familys, a couple others staff members and 19 students from Campus Crusade. It has been a fun but busy time. Abbey has LOVED having 4 friends to play with just one door away. It does get a little crazy with 5 kids running around in a little hallway so to burn off more energy we went to the world famous San Diego zoo. This zoo is huge so we only had time to walk to the elephants and the mini petting zoo.

Abbey's reaction to the Elephants was quit unexcepted but so cute. She won't even look at them she was so scared. She would turn her head away and cover her eyes. No crying or wining just quietly hiding from the elephants.

Monday, June 22, 2009

DAD: Happy Father's Day!

Everyday I think that I am so blessed to have you as my dad.
I love you dad and miss you a lot.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

balloons and fun

We had our final weekly meeting where we through a party for the graduating seniors. So, I gathered up as many balloons as a could from the party and brought them home for Abbey. She goes crazy in trader joes cause she knows she will get one balloon so we couldn't wait to see her reaction to dozons of them. Needless to say she was in awe. So fun!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

makeup baby

One of my favorite pictures of my brother as a kid is of him covered in my mom's mascara. Now I have pictures of my own wild child who discovered my mascara.

And here she got into my cover up...