Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Time is Here

We started decorating the day after Thanksgiving for Christmas. I would have posted sooner but with Kevin gone in East Asia for a week and me alone with the kiddos we were in survival mode around here. And now that Kevin is home we are in full swing celebrating this Christmas season. We try to go to as many the local holiday festivals as we can, which I'll post about soon.
As we were decorating the house, Abbey decided to decorate herself. She is constantly making us laugh.
It was the first year Abbey was able to help decorate the tree. A couple ornaments were broken along the way but our favorites are still in tack. My favorites are the old fashions glass ornaments from Kevin's mom. Kevin likes the silly ones, such as a sheep that says "Fleece navidad". And Abbey loves all the snowmen. I think we have 5 or 6 snowmen that she plays with. She carries them with her where were she goes, she lines them up from biggest to smallest, she has them talk to each other, and they each have a role: one is a mama, a daddy and the babies. I love watching her make up stories and play pretend. So what are your favorite ornaments on your tree?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

know it has been a week since Thanksgiving but I had to share. Our holiday was a mix of high and lows. Our high was celebrating Thanksgiving a couple days early with Kevin's sister Denise.
As you can see Davey was a fan of his 1st Thanksgiving.
We had fun making an apple pie. Abbey loved sprinkling the flour on the dough. I of course made the pie for my mom's recipe and the result was heaven on a plate (thanks mom).
The low was Abbey getting the stomach flu. We had just been to a conference the weekend before where the stomach flu was going around. It was just the worst seeing her so sick but I loved snuggling in the rocking chair as she slept in my arms in between puking. Kevin and I were up all night with her but thankfully the worst was over by morning. So we spent the rest of the week taking it easy: watch Finding Nemo and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, fed the ducks at Lopez Lake, napping and we decorated for Christmas (more on that tomorrow).