Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Open House Weekend

This past weekend was open house at Cal Poly. This is where all the potential and future Cal Poly students come and check out the campus with their parents. Saturday is a carnival of clubs on campus; the ag club has a axe throwing contests, the chem club sells their homemade ice cream, the ethnic interest clubs sell their delicious native foods, the salsa and swing dance clubs are dancing all over and there's prizes and music and free stuff. It's like I said, a carnival. So, we headed over with Abbey to hang out at our booth and she had a blast with her "friends" and dancing to the live music. And we enjoyed eating BBQ ribs and Korean BBQ chicken. YUM!!

Here is Abbey with pigtails for the first time. She wouldn't keep them in till recently. SO CUTE!!

And this is Abbey and Mikela dancing to the Crusade worship band. They were been so cute. One would laugh then the other would laugh, one would chase the other and vice versa, one would dance and then the other would copy her moves. It was a good day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jesus is Alive

Yesterday was wonderful! We celebrated Jesus' resurrection proving that we can KNOW and HAVE eternal life in Him. I hadn't planned on doing any traditional Easter things like dying eggs or hiding Easter baskets because Abbey is so young. But at our neighborhood party they had a Easter egg hunt for the kids and Abbey had a blast. We couldn't believe how fast she caught on to putting the eggs in the basket. Even today she keep putting the Easter eggs in her basket and then handing me the eggs to be opened to get the hidden treasure, which was just random toys that I would stick in there.

Seriously, isn't she just the cutest!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Naps means Adventure

It has been a struggle to get Abbey to nap lately. I don't know if she is just in a weird transition for two naps to one but she is sort of choosing none lately. And when that happens we have to get out of the house. Our extrovert little girl loves going places and being around people so that is what we did Friday afternoon. We went to Avila Beach!

Ironically on the way she fell asleep and so Kevin picked us up some coffees and an amazing scone and we sat in the car near the beach, having a great time talking while Abbey slept. Of course she was prematurely woken up by the crazy loud motorcycle driving by but 30 minutes is enough to take the sleepy edge off. So, we were off to the beach, were we couldn't peel Abbey away from looking at the ocean.

Eventually she was running around everywhere which explains the picture below. Abbey is really into dragging purses around lately but the camera case had to do here. (Don't worry it is empty.)

This is Abbey and I in front of the Friday Farmers market down there. There were so many fun fresh vegetables stands but the best thing were the seafood vendors selling fish tacos, ceviche, and other mouth watering dishes. I was thinking of and missing my dad the whole time because I know this would have been something he would have loved. I love family!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hair Cut

The last time I cut hair was when I shaved off Kevin's side burn. I don't know what made me think that things would go any better this time around but I cut Abbey's hair this Monday. I didn't shave off her hair but her bangs are quite short now.

We have been playing outside more these days since Abbey can walk. Lately she has just loved playing with this pull-along-dog and the popper toy that every kid grows up with. She usually wants me to chase her with the dog but she wants full control of the popper. She drags that thing all around the house bringing it's crazy loud popping sounds where ever she goes. It's so fun to watch her grow up. I just love being a mom.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So I promised to post some pictures so here they are...

This is my mom entertaining Abbey in a long day in the car. She did a great job because Abbey was a "5 star" baby that day.
After much deliberation on whether or not to go to the Rochester Children's Museum or the Buffalo Zoo we decided on the zoo since it was such a warm day. My mom said the Buffalo zoo is the oldest zoo in the US (it's actually the 3rd oldest- you were close mom) and it sure looked liked it. But I loved its old charm with its old lanterns and stone walls. We had a blast looking at the huge elephants, the really smelly gorillas, the crazy monkeys and an escaping peacock.

Abbey and my dad sitting by the fire. They are so cute together.

The last picture before Abbey and I left for California. I miss you mom and dad.