Monday, May 25, 2009

A Berry Fun Day

The other day Misty, Emma, Abbey, and I went to a local U-pick strawberry patch. Of course my friend Misty had strawberry outfits for the girls. Above is Abbey showing off her cute hat for us. And below is her friend Emma, clearly they are good friends.

A little play time before we go...

And then strawberry picking and eating begins.

Abbey is crazy for berries so she wasn't into the photo shot that Misty and I were trying to have. She just wanted to eat!!

At times I wasn't picking them fast enough for her so she would pick one herself and eat the stem and all.
I think she ate her body weight in strawberries that afternoon along with a quite a bit of dirt. Luckily it was an organic farm so we didn't have to worry about pesticides. We can't wait to go again.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day and Abbey's Dedication

It has been awhile since I last posted because i have been sick and things have been busy but I couldn't help myself after such a good Mothers Day. The morning started off with a hand made note from Abbey wishing me a Happy Mother's day and a gift from Kevin. Actually it was my second gift. Early this week a box of fancy chocolates came in the mail which we polished off in 2 days. and that was with "self control". Yikes! But that morning the Martha Steward Encyclopedia of Crafts was on the dining table! Hundreds of pages of beautiful crafts. I thought he had forgotten but of course he remember and I left very loved. Thank you Kevin!

Then we were off to church where Abbey was dedicated. It was a sweet moment as our church family prayed for her and we committed to raising her in the love of Christ. I couldn't believe Abbey let Pastor Ron hold her. But half way through the prayer she leaned over for me to hold her and she said "Ma Ma" into the mic in her super cute voice. At that moment I was in heaven, felt so proud and thankful to be a mother.