Monday, August 1, 2011

West Coast to the East Coast

Wow where do I begin? Well, plain and simple we have moved. We moved from California to Buffalo, New York. I have a little bit of regret not documenting the last couple months but at the same time it takes a time to move with two little ones and most importantly we were soaking up every minute of our life in SLO with students who were more like friends and friends who were more like family. We went to Big Sur, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, took more walks on the beach with coffee from our favorite coffee shop, we took a train ride up the coast with friends, we went to every farmers market on Thursday night, the kids and I would ride the trolley that stopped in front of our house just for the heck of it and the list goes on. If I wrote this post just even a couple weeks ago I would be sobbing thinking of all that I miss but Jesus is Good and has done a work in my heart. Now there is still a tear prick in my eye and sadness in my heart as a write this but I see God working and feel Him providing and I am starting to trust Him more and more.

Trust in him at all times,
O people; pour out your heart before him;
God is a refuge for us.
Psalms 62:8

Kevin has also been a rock for me. He is adaptable. He welcomes change. And he sees the glass half full. I am thankful to have married a man with the complete opposite nature of mine. The kids are doing well. Nothing phases Dave, he just keeps smiling (my parents nick named him the "smiling machine"). Abbey is adjusting. The first week was hard for her; she missed her friends and the old house. But a week in Colorado with staff kids at our staff conference put her on the fast track to making New York home. This definitely helps my heart.

I guess this post ended up being less about details of our move and more about my heart. Maybe more details in the future but I promise you I have the blogging bug again so a should be in this space more. And I can't promise you that I won't slip in a few old SLO adventures every now and then. You know I will, coming from the women who blogged about Christmas in February.


  1. Nice! I was wondering where you were, but I guess moving across the country kinda preoccupied your mind. Whatev. ;-) I'm really glad to hear the kids are adjusting well, cause that can be heavy on your heart.

  2. Jenn, you are my fav. I thank you for sharing and I spend most days suppressing the sadness I have about you moving, pretending that it doesn't really matter anyway. I am also praying for incredibly "real" and fun and cute women... with amazing kids, for you to play with : ). I love you.

  3. I love this. You are amazing. I can't wait for those updates... and the SLO ones too! Love and miss you Jenn. Would love to make sure we stay in touch.