Friday, August 5, 2011

Come home soon Isaac

I have a friend from college (Jamie and Jason Kelley) who are trying to adopt this wonderful little boy Isaac. From her blog Jamie writes, "Isaac is 3 years old and was born with Down syndrome. In his current country, there is simply no place for him in society at this time. If he is not adopted at age 4, he faces transfer to a mental institution where the likelihood of his survival is very low."

I have read places that 95% of kids with Down syndrome that get transferred to these mental institutions DIE because the conditions are heinous. This breaks my heart. And I think about my friend Jamie as she has tucked her kids in bed and the house is quite how she must be dreaming about her little boy coming home. Wondering when she can hold him and tuck him into bed and sing him songs and give him kisses. I miss my kids after a day. I can imagine have this separation. If you would like to help bring Isaac home you can go to Jamie's blog and donate. I have seen the humility that this family has had when someone has donated $3 or $3,000. Seriously even dollar helps. I recently went to an adoption seminar, mainly because I wanted to raise my awareness about the need. What stuck with me was when the speaker said "not all of us may be called to adopt but all of us are commanded to help orphans." So even if you can't give re post this and pray for Isaac to come home soon.

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  1. Thank you so much Jenn for posting this! I am currently doing a fundraiser for Isaac on my blog right now, so if anyone is interested, please check out!

  2. Jenn,
    I am in tears reading everything you have written. Thank you so much for sharing his story and our journey to bring Isaac home. You have touched our hearts and encouraged us tonight more than you will ever know. We love and miss you guys!! {{Hug}}