Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Party

I have never been into celebrating valentine's day. Kevin and I don't buy big gifts for each other and we usually stay in for dinner. But this year I was excited to have a party for the kids. What really got me excited was thinking about celebrating God's love for us. Besides the fact the decorating with red and pink and hearts is beautiful, kids exchanging cards is priceless and the sweets are awesome.

Some yummy snacks. These are peanut butter and jelly stars and hearts.
A couple crafts: we made heart necklaces. But Calvin wore his in boy fashion.
We also made some crayon melts. First you shave crayons then sprinkle the shaving on wax paper then cover with another piece of wax paper. The next step is the fun part. Take a iron and run it over the wax paper and you get this cool tye dye effect. The kids love it! You can cut shapes out too. We made heart and taped them to the widow. They look great with the sun shining through.Valentine bags
Giving of Valentine's
Receiving the Valentines
My little cupid! Isn't he so cute? The funny thing is that I didn't even need to undress him for the picture. I think we crawled around wearing only his diaper the whole party. seriously who has time to dress their kids. We were just too busy having fun!!

You may have noticed that I have been neglecting my blog for months and I am sad because so many fun things have happened since December. That is why I have decided to post some very outdated events now and then. So don't be surprised if you see a Christmas post next.


  1. how fun! what a great party. i will definitely be doing those crayon shaving thingys:) and seriously who DOES have time to keep clothes on their kids!

  2. great pics. Jen. Really nice blog.

    Mine is well, different. Sort of an attempt at an evangelistic blog. Photos and commentary on life in Los Angeles. Believe it or not, there are tons of (mostly non-Christians) who LOVE LOVE LOVE L.A. - and millions more folks around the world who at least are fastincated by the city.

    I'm keeping it going until I run out of photos - which isn't happening anytime soon.

    Peace out - David Z

  3. This is the cutest idea for a party! I wish we were there! David as cupid was the highlight!